Who’s the first person you think of when you hear the word “pedophile”?

No, not Charlie Chaplin; that Jewish dwarf died long ago. Woody Allen? Dream on. That creepy purveyor of perversion has never been convicted of a sex crime, that I know of.

The world’s most famous pedophile is probably another Jew, Jeffrey Epstein. His Jewish friends included Alan Dershowitz (the Harvard attorney who helped O.J. get away with murder) and Steven Pinkerton (a Harvard fag who looks sooooo Semitic). Epstein’s buddies also included Bill Gates, who might as well be a Jew.

Hollywood’s most famous rapists include Harvey Weinstein, porn star Ron Jeremy, and the late Kirk Douglas, all Jews. (Actually, neither Jeremy nor Douglas were ever convicted of rape. Jeremy got off by pleading insanity, dementia, or something of that nature.)

The slut who gave pResident Bill Clinton the world’s most famous blow job, Monica Lewinsky, is a Jew.

Jews virtually invented modern pornography, along with gambling. Nowhere do they rub elbows more exuberantly than in Las Vegas (aka “Sin City”), a modern Sodom and Gomorrah built by Jews.

Depending on who you talk to, the gayest city in the world is either New York City (the city with the biggest population of Jews) or Tel Aviv, Israel. Which isn’t to say that homosexuality is evil, but the Jews do everything they can to make it evil, continuously dreaming up new kinks and shoving them in your face. How many transgendered freaks are embedded in pResident Jew Biden’s administration?

Jews have also made their mark on sex trafficking in countries around the world. And let’s not forget feminism. Though I support equal rights for women, that is not what modern feminism is about. The queen of feminism is Gloria Steinem, who worked for the CIA, which she described as  “liberal, nonviolent and honorable.”

Don’t even get me started about the Jewish rabbis who give babies herpes after sucking on their penises. I’m not joking; Google it.

So where does all this Jewish kinkiness and perversion come from? I have two theories.

First, most Jews are not Semites. They are instead descended from European trailer park trash who, for some strange reason, decided to join a creepy religious cult (Judaism), a stunt that made them social outcasts. These religious kooks spent centuries on the fringes of society, enduring a lot of persecution (much of which they brought on themselves).

So creepy were these wandering Jews, few people deigned to have sex with them. As their population dwindled, these Euro-Jews increasingly had sex with their own relatives. I’m talking about the incest and sodomy that are celebrated in the Bible (written by Jews), along with pedophilia and other abominations.

As a result, Jews became an inbred tribe cursed with a so-called “Jewish gene.” Even today, Jews commonly marry their first cousins, and a number of Jewish celebrities have openly bragged about fucking their sisters. It’s like the movie Deliverance on steroids.

So maybe Jews just can’t help themselves. They just have to fuck anything that has a hole, and they love to brag about it.

Theory #2: Jews promote sexual perversion in order to degrade and weaken the people they exploit—just about anyone who isn’t a Jew. They also like to humiliate non-Jews, apparently because it’s the only way those circumcised nerds can feel like men.

Personally, I think the truth is all the above.

I’ll have more to say about Jew sex in Jews 101, which should be published in 2023. However, I already have far more material than I can handle, so I decided to write another book focusing exclusively on Jew.Sex. That’s this site’s domain name, and if I can’t make any money off my book, I’ll bet I can sell that domain name for a million dollars to some Jewish sexual deviant in Las Vegas, New York, or Israel.

Stay tuned, and remember: if you’re dating or looking for a marriage partner, steer clear of Jews. They have some special problems.

This website was launched on October 1, 2022.